Coping with progress! 

Can progress make you weaker? Most of you reading this are likely thinking ..."doesn't progress make you stronger? Well in some instances, the answer to both those questions is yes.

See, even in a physiological sense progress has it's cost.  Just observe elite strength/endurance development; performance in one area is is sacrificed for the improvement of the other.  But what I'm talking about here, is the emotional ramifications of progress. 

As I have witnessed in both myself and my clients, the most progressive periods of a given training cycle often instill an expectation for progression to last forever.   This expectation often results in reduced ability to respond appropriately to any challenges to progress.  

Many of us will continue attempting personal bests despite what current performance indicates; which is likely not the approach that yielded the progress in the first place. And, as many of us have experienced, such stubbornness results in further regression!

What to do will be continued! 

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