Rather than the typical cook-book work out routines, this section endeavors to convey an understanding of the concepts that make various regimens productive. Armed with this conceptual understanding, you'll be able to design and adjust programs that are optimal for you! As the saying goes..."give a man a fish and he eats for a day...teach a man to fish and he eats for life! The following is a list of some of the "routines" as well as excerpts.

Skyrocketing the bench press: A lucky 7 for work out routines

Few exercises command more mystique and interest than the bench press. Think about conversations you overhear about weight training; "how much do you bench? " is among the most eagerly leveled questions. In association with said mystique, is often a desire to increase one's bench press to elite heights. Well within the following 8 tips, you should find a few gems that will elevate your bench press to new levels. Read more...


Proper weight training for martial arts

Proper weight training for martial arts, or anything else, primarily aims to increase strength for enhanced performance.

PERFECT SQUAT from the bottom up.

The squat is touted as foundational to work out routines, though it is most often performed with inconsistent depth, the knees shearing past the toes and/or a rounded lower-back. Performing a squat from the bottom up, however, standardizes the depth, allows for a more optimal back and knee alignment as well as a better movement pattern. Read more...

The QUICKEST golf strength training!

If you’re the typical golfer, the idea of golf strength training inspires visions of long and drawn-out work out routines that you don’t have time for. Truth is, for long-term golf improvement and health, total body exercise is helpful. For immediate increases in drive, however, strengthening the forearm muscles will suffice for most golfers. Read more..


10 Minute Workout Burn Calories and Get The Metabolism Going With These Quick Hitting Workouts

For a 10 Minute Workout to be effective, you have to have a plan. You need to know what you want to do, and in what sequence, before you start. If you want your workout to make a difference, there is no time for wondering what’s next.  


Advantages of the kettlebell for traditional exercises

The kettlebell (kbell/s) and it's exercises garner a fair amount of apprehension because of the athleticism, or lack thereof, they can reveal. Many feel their lack of coordination confines them to traditional/less-athletic exercises never using the kbell. Truth is, however, that kettlebells offer certain advantages over dumbbells/barbells for many traditional exercises. Read more...


How to jump higer

Who needs to jump higher? ....answer is most people; any person or athlete who benefits from reaching higher (basketball/reaching a child's balloon) and/or bounding higher.  Read more...

Hard core body weight training

With all the fitness equipment in existence today, who needs body weight training? Answer: Everyone can benefit from body weight training.

If you're away from the gym and don't have equipment to exercise. If you want to know where your body composition is going and don't have formal testing. If you have limited equipment and want to make the most of it. As a matter of fact, in any of the aforementioned situations and more, body weight training can be helpful. Read more...

Understanding posture: it's more than standing up straight!

The idea of inclines most people to think of the position of the shoulders and head while upright. Postural integrity/alignment, however, takes different forms during different positions and actions. Understanding how postural needs change depending on function and position is important for optimizing posture in various situations. Read more....

Importance of a weight training log

Keeping a weight training log is one of the most results producing endeavors the average gym-rat can undertake. Sadly, however, is the fact that few, if any keep a log. I can only imagine that such complacency is due to ignorance of the benefits and how-to of keeping a training log. Read more...

The Importance and integration of balance exercises

The importance of balance exercises in work out routines lies in improving and maintaining neuromuscular traits that contribute to strength gain yet aren’t optimized by strength training.  As such, balance integration should engage neuromuscular components in a way that's enhancing to strength.  Such engagement should involve neuromuscular recruitment and tension sufficient to stimulate enhancing changes. Read more...

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