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Coping with progress!

Can progress make you weaker?

Continue reading "Coping with progress! "

allergenicity of food

Why should we care about the allergenicity of food?

Continue reading "allergenicity of food"

toning or bulking?

Are you bulking or toning?

Continue reading "toning or bulking?"

getting stronger

There are numerous factors that contribute to getting stronger!

Continue reading "getting stronger"

muscular strength

Why muscular strength is the most important component of fitness!

Continue reading "muscular strength"

Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is dependent on strength first!

Continue reading "Muscular Endurance"


Knowing how/when to add repetitions is critical!

Continue reading "repetitions"

building muscle

Is there a difference between building muscle and building muscles?

Continue reading "building muscle"

it band massage

Use of the foam roller for it band massage is just one aspect of this tool's versatility.

Continue reading "it band massage"


Performing the squat from the bottom up helps ensure more durable form!

Continue reading "squat"


Determining if crossfit is right for you!

Continue reading "crossfit"

calorie counting

The benefits and pitfalls of calorie counting

Continue reading "calorie counting"

burn fat build muscle

Is the burn fat build muscle endeavor possible?...ABSOLUTELY!

Continue reading "burn fat build muscle"

body weight training

Using body weight training for hardcore strength!

Continue reading "body weight training"

body composition

Understanding body composition is essential to the proper planning of training and nutrition.

Continue reading "body composition"


The biceps:..you must build total guns to raise the funds!

Continue reading "biceps"

bench press

Skyrocket your bench press

Continue reading "bench press"

beach body

Building a beach body involves something other than engaging in activities that can be done on a beach.

Continue reading "beach body"

balance exercises

The best balance exercises are modifications of compound movements!

Continue reading "balance exercises"

aerobic exercise

Is aerobic exercise necessary or a detriment?

Continue reading "aerobic exercise"

ab workout

Developing an ab workout should take into consideration a number of factors!

Continue reading "ab workout"

metabolism boost

Not all strategies for a metabolism boost are created equal!

Continue reading "metabolism boost"

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