Buying home gym equipment

For the progression minded person, buying home gym equipment is always  undertaken with getting stronger in mind. Even with such clarity of purpose, however, factors like ,spouse-approval, space and finances warrant consideration. As important as progression is, having an angry spouse, no room for guests, and costly maintenance can take its toll. The following are some helpful recommendations that consider fierce progression along with feasibility

Adjustable dumbbells

As far as home equipment is concerned, adjustable dumbbells are a no-brainer.  Adjustable dumbbells offer easy linear progression, vast variation for sustainable progression, intrude very little, and are of minimal financial burden.


On the linear progression front, adjustable dumbbells allow more than sufficient
capacity for weight increment and, with the ability to add the slightest weight
increment, the body's adaptation rate can keep psce with intensity. As far as
variation , dumbbells allow for an innumerable amount of exercises for the upper
and lower body. 

    Space and intrusion

Dumbbells are about as inconspicuous as gym equipment can get. You can keep
adjustable dumbbells out of the way of even the nosiest of spouses/roommates. In
addition, you don't have yo buy/store lots of weight right away; buying as you
progress helps justify the purchase.

    Financial implications

Virtually nonexistent; enough said!

Power Rack

For barbell exercises a power rack is a must for home gym equipment. 
Power racks allow for safer, more confident progression, offer vast versatility
for the space, and, though somewhat pricey, are virtually maintenance-free!


When being progressive with presses and squatting moves, the adjustable support
pins in power racks allow for confident loading without the worry of getting
stuck under a heavy bar.  The level adjustments possible with power racks also
allow for enough variety to maintain stimulus potency.


Power racks do take up space, but in guest room with a mobile cot,  a power rack
is minimally intrusive.  Furthermore, they're more than strong enough to a
attach a swinging chair/bench for kids to play on and/or guests to sit on!

    Financial implications

After the initial purchase, power racks are maintenance free!

    Take home

Hopefully some of the ideas mentioned prove to be helpful. In any case, consider the financial/circumstantial implications of your home gym equipment decisions.

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