Getting a metabolism boost

There are numerous ways to redeem a metabolism boost from strength training; however, they're not all equally desirable. Exploiting some metabolic amplifying strategies yield surefire benefit while others can leave you looking like a stamp-collector.


Redeeming metabolic benefit from bigger/stronger muscles has no downside.   Increased metabolic rate resultant of excess training induced disruption, however, can greatly impair health and appearance. So understanding the difference between weight training that strengthens vs depletes is critical.


                THE DIFFERENCE


Not all training is productive.   Lifting, that stimulates within recovery capacity, builds strength and muscle elevating metabolic rate (MR) in a sensible/lasting manner.   Extreme training disruption, on the other hand, induces an extreme metabolic increase; such increase, however, is at the expense of health and hard earned strength!


                                Training for a healthy metabolism boost


Training for a healthy metabolic increase is done via workouts intended to stimulate greater force capacity to be realized in future workouts   Meaning consideration for whether any added volume can be super-compensated by the next session. If added volume further coaxes positive adaptation, muscles become stronger and more metabolically active doing everything!


An example progression of workouts conducive to a health MR increase could take the form of the following regimen:  a total body workout involving 1- 3sets of 3-10 reps of front-squats, 1 arm chest presses, 1 arm dumbbell rows, military presses, and palms forward pullups.  This workout would be performed with increased reps/weight every fourth day (M, F, Tu, Sa, etc.) if the previous workout realized progress.  If a stagnant workout is encountered, either load/reps are scaled back and/or an additional day of rest is taken.


                                Training that induces unhealthy metabolic increase


Excessively induced MR increase imposes "near-surgical" levels of tissue disruption.  Such disruption can send MR through the roof but, just like post-surgical recovery, cortisol is also through the roof....Result: weight-loss coupled with pathetic performance and appearance!


An example regimen capable of traumatically inducing an unhealthy metabolic boost might look similar to the one above with the any or all of the following differences……extra sets despite fatigued/piss-poor force outputs; forced reps; and/or a rigid 3-4 day/week frequency.




So before adopting a metabolism boost approach, consider the implications.   If focused on increasing performance, go with it.   If purely designed to maximize disruption, steer clear!



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